Five Things That Can Wreck Your Client’s Dream Blonde

Lots of clients desperately want gorgeous blonde hair. But mistakes during lightening can easily ruin the perfect shade they’re after. This article covers five pitfalls to avoid when taking your client blonde.

Pre-Lightening Treatments

Properly prepping hair before lightening is a must. Use professional-grade treatments to condition strands and reduce damage for superior lift. The products should match the level of lightener for best success.

Test Strands

Test strands are critical to see if the chemicals will work with your client’s hair. Sometimes colorists skip testing and realize mid-application that the lightener isn’t lifting well, especially on more fragile end sections.

Quality Tools

The tools you use also impact the end result. During training, you likely learned techniques using specific combs and brushes. But if your go-to supplies break, borrowing replacements from another stylist could mean uneven application and disappointing tones.

**Checking Lightener **

Many colorists forget to periodically check the lightening process. But consistently monitoring ensures all hair lifts evenly for flawless brightness. Catch any missed spots or unevenness before rinsing.

Heat Protection

Don’t fry freshly lightened hair! Remind clients to always use thermal protection before hot styling. Dry, damaged hair from blow outs or curling can wreck the lifted color.

Follow these tips for salon-caliber blonde on clients. Correctly prep and treat hair, test strands, use high-quality tools, frequently check lift development, and recommend heat protection. Stay tuned for more blonde coloring advice or ask questions below!